21 Things Your Mind Wishes You Knew About Success

21 Things Your Mind Wishes You Knew About Success

You and I know this.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu

But what many people ignore is that the first step to success is in the mind. You see, a strong mind is why sometimes smaller boxers crush the big guys and why every now and then, a solopreneur comes along and knocks the comfort out of bigger firms.

But even then, no success can withstand the crippling of a poor mind.

That is why I wrote this article. To lay bare some of the secrets your mind wishes you knew to acquire, but most importantly stick with the wins you’ll gather along the way.

It is a fine melange of years of findings from 2 of psychology’s brightest minds, Daniel Kahneman & Dan Ariely, and of  some of the visionary entrepreneurs of our time.

To beat the best, learn from them. So here…

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21 Things Successful People Know About The Human Mind

1. You become what you think. Small thoughts create small men, great thoughts create great men.

2. 95% of your actions are ruled by your subconscious and the gate to your subconscious is what you listen to, see and say about yourself.

3. Everything you see was born in someone’s mind. Dreams precede greatness.

4. Once expanded, the mind never regains its original size. In other words, knowledge is never wasted.

5. Your outer world reflects your inner world. Your reality is only bounded by your vision.

6. Your mindset has room for one reality at a time. Happy or sad, rich or poor, but never two opposites. Make your choice. What do you want to focus on?

7. Lies are self-reinforcing. If you believe a conclusion to be true, you are most likely to believe the arguments that support it.

8. Unless you are skeptical about your intuitions, they will most likely lead you down the path of immediate gratification.

9. What you perceive, you easily believe. Even when it’s not true. So, always question your perceptions.

10. You are most likely 1 decision away from your greatest success.

11. Reciprocation triggers compliance. You are less likely to oppose the people who help you.

12. Repetition can drive any skill or information into your subconscious. Therefore, beware of the information you expose yourself to.

13. The mind loves patterns because they require little effort. Thus, use small changes to drive bigger changes and easy requests to introduce bigger ones.

14. The Halo effect will cause you to love a bad thing or hate a good one, depending on the first information you receive about them. Why? Patterns are easy on the brain. So if you wish to increase your chances of being accepted, always open with your strong suits.

15. Emotions accelerate conclusions. Reason slows them down. That’s why the greatest marketers sell feelings and the best speakers tell stories.

16. The most Plausible things are not the most Probable. The majority of the things you fear will never happen.

17. Small repeated wins have more motivating power than sparse wins of bigger value. If you wish to ever journey all the way to greatness, line your path with small victories.

18. The price for greater is what we currently hold. But since we fear loss more than we love gain, most dreams appear to be too expensive.

19. Pre-commitment is the simplest cure to procrastination.  Set every task as an engagement you cannot cancel.

20. Choices dilute efficiency. The fewer the exit plans, the more accurate the mind becomes.

21. Not all risk takers are successful, but all successful people are risk takers.

It would make my day if you could share this with one friend. If you can inspire one person, then you will soon inspire 2. Usually, that’s all it takes to start a movement.

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