These 12 Chat Magnets Will Spark Wonderful Conversations

These 12 Chat Magnets Will Spark Wonderful Conversations

“Men fall in love with what they see, women fall in love with what they hear.” Unless you’ve been away for a while, you’ve probably heard this saying.

What you might not have heard is that the right words will also reach for any man’s heart.

In other words, no sex is immune to the power of a great conversation. However, in the era of Instagram, hashtags and the cult of multitasking, offering anybody our complete attention has become the exception. Not the norm.

We opt for a few phone swipes over any painful conversation, and first sentences are now enough to decide if the ‘pain’ of a full conversation is worth forgoing the joy of a Facebook spy session. One thing however hasn’t changed about conversations.

The right conversations still jump start careers. They still jolt hearts into connection and they still open more opportunities than any university grade.

How then do we grab the attention of the people we’re talking to for the first time? Well, we do so the same way we catch fish.

To catch fish, give it its best meal. To grab people’s attention, speak their language. Get them to talk about themselves.

In this free handbook, you will learn just that.

It is a serving of some of the most exquisite conversation starters we’ve come across, which is probably why some call them The Attention Magnets. But we won’t go that far.

Let’s just say they’ve repeatedly worked.

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