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“Men fall in love with what they see, women fall in love with what they hear.” Unless you’ve been away for a while, you’ve probably heard this saying.

What you might not have heard is that the right words will also reach for any man’s heart.

In other words, no sex is immune to the power of a great conversation. However, in the era of Instagram, hashtags and the cult of multitasking, offering anybody our complete attention has become the exception. Not the norm.

We opt for a few phone swipes over any painful conversation, and first sentences are now enough to decide if the ‘pain’ of a full conversation is worth forgoing the joy of a Facebook spy session. One thing however hasn’t changed about conversations.

The right conversations still jump start careers. They still jolt hearts into connection and they still open more opportunities than any university grade.

How then do we grab the attention of the people we’re talking to for the first time? Well, we do so the same way we catch fish.

To catch fish, give it its best meal. To grab people’s attention, speak their language. Get them to talk about themselves.

In this free handbook, you will learn just that.

It is a serving of some of the most exquisite conversation starters we’ve come across, which is probably why some call them The Attention Magnets. But we won’t go that far.

Let’s just say they’ve repeatedly worked.

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Are You Letting This Mistake Slaughter Your Goals? 0 21

How to set goals

I remember a time when I had lost a lot of weight (48lbs).

I went home for vacation and everyone I met kept asking me the same question: “What did you do? What’s your secret?”

I told them “It’s very simple. First of all you know I’m not that much of a sports guy, so my weight loss has nothing to do with sports. It’s all about my diet.

I started by completely giving up on sugar and decided to live on 4 things only:

  • Fruits
  • Chicken and Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Water

That simple. I don’t take chips, burgers, beef and many other things. I know it’s extreme, but well, that’s what I do. ”

Right at this time, their smile usually took a little angle before I heard “meh, it’s too difficult, how do you do that? I heard you shouldn’t torture yourself when you try to loose weight! I still want to loose mine, but I’ll try another method.”

Which made me smile…

I understood them because it was difficult for me too the first days. But with time it became easier.

After making the initial decision to loose that weight, I had taken a first step – the sugar cut. After the first step I took a second, then a third, till I reached the weight which they were now seeing.

Here is the mistake they did that I wish you won’t do.

Do not be afraid of the first step.

It’s easy to be afraid of first steps when you look at the full wall rather than the stones. It takes many stones to build a wall.

If you look at any challenge as putting one stone after the other, then you run greater chances of getting started and reaching your goals.

But if you look at your challenges as a full wall to be built, you may never get started.

So, are you going to make it? Whatever it is, that thing that you feel in your heart that you should do but somehow looks too big; are you going to do it step-by-step?

If yes, what is your first step?

Or are you just going to stand there, stare at it, watch it, and say this wall is just too big?


There’s greatness waiting inside you.

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How To Market Yourself For A New Relationship 0 17

New Relationship - Greataholic

In the business of relationships, we’re as much consumers as we are the product.

As consumers we skim, pick an option, try it for a week, maybe a month, return it and keep shopping. But as products, what features do we posses?

Do we stand out of shelves as much as we’d like to believe?

If I were to invest my time to acquire you, would I be satisfied with what I’d get? Are you worth my commitment? How different would you be from the other failed products I found myself with?

If your answer to these questions is features, then you’re halfway there.

Yes, it helps to have great features. A great smile, a career, those hips, a patient nature, it helps to have them. But if that alone was enough, then there wouldn’t be so many ‘great’ products without buyers.

Have you ever felt like you had it all, yet didn’t understand how come no one seemed to want you? I once did. But like you, it was because I ignored one of the key secrets to most purchase decisions.

People buy dreams quicker than they buy facts.

Here are some facts: We all know how to dress. There are already thousands of bearded guys. That skirt is not unique. And neither are your body parts. Simply put, features are cheap. Dreams are not.

That’s why instead of selling a 32MB music player, Steve Jobs sold you A 1000 songs in your pocket.

That approach is the same you have to try next time you ‘sell’ yourself to a potential mate, a committee or business partner.

  • How would their world be improved if they had you? Sell that.
  • How would it feel to be with you? Sell that.
  • How do those features that everyone else has, provide a different experience in your case? Sell that.

And as with every sale process, it may be wise not to give up the full experience before the final purchase.

: : :

A Few Application Examples

  1. Rather than telling your lady friend you run a business, pick her brain about an actual business decision.
  2. Instead of telling that committee you could do the job, come with a full tentative plan ready.

Given that you know your life better than I do, I am sure you will know how to apply this principle.

: : :

Why Does This Approach Work?

Because our strongest opinion of people and products is more dictated by our experience of them, than by their features.

Don’t believe me?

How many keys are on your keyboard? How thick are the dents on your zip? Although features are important, it’s the experience of how they feel that matters most.

That’s why being great might not be enough to land you a new relationship.

Sell the experience. You could be the ugly guy who got the cute girl, the peasant girl the prince fell in love with, or the farm boy who became president.

What experience are you selling?

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Parting Tip

Do not stop developing yourself. Those features are the building blocks of the experience you will sell.

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A Closing Quote

If you wish to be remembered, go the extra mile. It is never crowded.

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Use these Conversation Starters to capture any heart.