(VIDEO) The Story Of Youtube And Why You Should Start Somewhere

(VIDEO) The Story Of Youtube And Why You Should Start Somewhere

“Tune In Hook Up”

Chances are you’ve never heard of that name, although it is Youtube’s ancestor. After leaving the company they helped birth (paypal), Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim went on an adventure to create a dating site which would allow users to upload video profiles of themselves. It was called Tune In Hook Up. Although the idea beared merit in their minds, down the road it eventually failed. Remember the saying “hard work and experience are never wasted”? Well, their story didn’t stop there.


Story Of Youtube

The Founders of Youtube


Failure As Feedback

I like to look at failure as feedback. Feedback on what didn’t work and what could work better next time. Put differently, it’s a simple detour on one’s road to success, not a complete stop. In 2004, after being unable to find a video of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl, the experience they had acquired in their previous failed video dating website came in handy. The domain name Youtube.com was registered on Valentine’s day 2005 and the story of Youtube took off from there (see video below).


What To Take Away

  1. You’ve got to start somewhere. Excellence isn’t required for growth.
  2. Experiences are never wasted, neither is hard work. You never know what the experiences learnt in one business can produce in another.


The Story Of Youtube (Video)

This video is from a favourite Youtube channel of mine based in Perth, Western Australia. It’s called Coldfustion and hosts some of the most thoughtful tech content on Youtube. I highly recommend you have a look at Dagogo’s channel!


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