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Studying isn’t hard.

What’s difficult is taking the decision to do it and stick with it. Same with building your self esteem. The building part of it is a piece of cake, but the resistance to starting is the hard part.

But why start in the first place? Why should you build your self esteem? 2 reasons:

  1. Your outer world can only go as far as your inner world.
  2. Without self esteem, every obstacle in life will beat the resolve out of you.

You don’t want that.

Here is a very simple secret about the lifetime of your self esteem: The things outside of you (people & possessions) can only sustain it for so long. As a matter of fact, they can only provide an illusion of it.

But the things that will sustain it till kingdom come are those ones inside of you. They are the ones no one can mess with, the only ones you truly own.

It happens that the 2 ways to strengthen them are also the ways you can calm any fear.

  • Through Knowledge –get more of it.
  • Or Action –do more of it.

1. Acquire Knowledge

Of Self:
Investigate your emotions, pleasures & triggers. Keep a journal of the things you go through and study the patterns.

In what situations do certain things just seem to repeat themselves? What usually happens right before? How does your reaction change the final outcome?

The more you become aware of all that, the less people will be able to push your buttons.


Of The Challenges You Face:
Your brain cares more of how your challenges can kill you than how they can grow you. It’s built that way to protect you.

But what’s plausible isn’t always what’s probable. If it were, good singers would have the brightest careers, but they don’t. Most of the things you fear will never happen.

The best way to cement that into your brain and therefore drive out doubt, is to study the challenges you face.

– What are your options?
– What’s the worst that could happen?
– What’s the best that could happen?
– What could get you closer to the best outcome?
– Has anyone done it before? How? Why? Does their situation still apply? Why not?

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” -God


Of Random Sh’tuff:
Study the secular stuff my friend. History, science, whatever. Look outside your comfort zones. Turn your procrastination hours into learning opportunities (don’t be shy, I know you have those).

The more you know, the less you babble when it’s your turn to speak. People pay attention to confidence.


2. Take Action

Practise makes permanent.

The things that are second nature to you right now are either the ones you’ve taught or practised for a good chunk of time.

It’s so because the best way to make any knowledge become part of you is to teach it or repeat it.

The more you know, the more confident you become.

Another benefit of taking action when you feel low is that the more you walk into any situation, the more it reveals itself to you.

  • The more you put you hand up, the less frightening leadership becomes.
  • The more you stand your ground, the less scary people’s opinions become.
  • The more you look people in the eye, comment on blogs or anything else, the easier it becomes.

But as with everything, start small.



A lack of self esteem is often just a lack of knowledge:

  • of yourself
  • or the challenges you face

But it’s nothing you can’t fix.

Rooting for you,

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Team awesome!

There’s good news. Starting this month, we will be adding our own bricks to the walk of motivational quote cards around the web. Each one carefully crafted, edited to madness and kissed before laying it down.

We hope they warm the dreamer in you every time you see them and remind you of how insanely gifted and capable you are.

Since it’s only lonely at the top when you help no one else get there, we hope you’ll share them with the people in your circles. Stretch their minds. Challenge them to look again. And maybe, one of them might be inspired to walk this journey to greatness with you. One person.

Because you’re awesome,


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What’s your favorite?

Or better, is there a quote you’d like to see featured here next time? Let us know in the comments!

How Successful People Reduce Uncertainty 0 33

How To Reduce Uncertainty - Greataholic

The label. The pristine wrapping paper. The fresh scent… And now this killer jacket. My, my, this surprise is making me feel all kinds of ha!

I had just parked home from a tedious –call it “character building”– day when right at my door I saw this brown box. From the looks of it it was an Amazon parcel, but I didn’t remember placing an order. A quick glance at the label and a butterfly parade started in my guts.

It was a surprise from my then girlfriend (manly awww).

Don’t we all love surprises? The “you got the job” email, the “I love you” text or the beloved birthday present? A good surprise will grab your feelings and toss them upstairs, create room for your ugliest laughter (no judgement) and become the highlight of the stories you tell.

Click, password, open email. “Unfortunately, we must reject your application”. Same kind of day, different surprise. Their mistake, my pain, they misread the document I sent them.

Surprises like waves, move, grow and crash giving no care what is around. As much as we like them, sometimes we must manage them. Because uncertainty at the shores of your dreams, your businesses or the lives of the people you love may not always translate into a good time.

How do we minimise the negative effects of uncertainty?

  1. By identifying the areas most vulnerable of being hit.
  2. By identifying how they could be hit.
  3. By determining in what scenario would a wave come, yet not hit them, or hit them less.

It may sound generic, yet it is the same set of questions leaders of all kinds have to ask themselves everyday. To some the answer is erecting sea walls, to others it is different.

What could yours be? What areas of your current projects would suffer most if the next wave of uncertainty wasn’t good?

If you’ve identified them that’s a great start. Now follow through, tend to them. You’re so good at it.


– – – – –


As a Christian I believe that ultimately all things happen for my good and that no weapon forged against me can prosper. But I also know that God has never condoned, encouraged or elevated a lazy man. The Bible says that a wise man prepares for battle in times of peace, and many instances depict how He caused people to prepare for famine in times of plenty. God clearly doesn’t encourage us to slack, and not to be fearful either. Minimising uncertainty –call it planning– therefore doesn’t mean that you are afraid, it means you anticipate. And anticipation is a fruit of wisdom.


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