The Thing About Luck

The Thing About Luck

I sneaked out on my wife at 4am this morning…

…then rushed to the shops to get ingredients for a surprise breakfast and her lunch box. Super Hubby, I know.

As I drove down ghost town, I revelled in the beauty of my plan:

  • I was going to prep the lunch box ingredients,
  • Not cook them but cook the breakfast first,
  • And then finalise the lunch box.

Remember that order. That way, everything would still be crunchy when she bit them.

I grilled the pineapples, followed my phone’s instructions and eventually kissed her breakfast into position on that plate. But something was wrong; the ingredients had shrunk post-cooking and this thing now looked like an awfully small breakfast. Nothing like I had dreamed.

Luckily, something didn’t want my plans to fail. As I agonised about how I could save this moment, my eyes caught this parade of ingredients shining right onto the kitchen top! You wouldn’t believe it, but it was the set of ingredients I had prepped in step 1 for her lunch box…

So I picked a few and slapped some lipstick on that breakfast. Done. Perfecto. And she loved it. Lucky man.


Now the thing about luck is…

That it favours the prepared.

If I had not had the ingredients for her lunch box ready, then they would be nowhere when I needed them.

Right now, there is a dream on your heart. Something you know you want to do, but wonder if you have the right ingredients for. Rather than wait till they’re all there, I want you to get started. As you move forward, life will bring to your attention the resources you need to complete the steps you will be on. I bet you they are already in your life, but you’re just not at the right place to notice them.

Sometimes yes, they may not yet be in your life. But in such cases too, it will take you being at the right place to see them. That place is not where you are right now. So get moving. Start. Cook your future.

The thing about luck is that it favours the prepared.


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