When Your Dream Takes A Hit

When Your Dream Takes A Hit

You know, Richard just really wanted to love his guitar, give his heart a voice and spread joy around him. Yes music was for bums, but despite his father’s warnings he had fallen for it.

He wish he had his support, but that never came. Instead, out of nowhere
he one day felt his guitar shatter to pieces on his teenage skull.

In an exasperated fury, his dad had just tried to wham him into submission. Richard had freshly come back from a successful musical performance, but that childish happiness wasn’t to last for long. If he wasn’t going to understand fatherly advice, he would understand fatherly smacks.

In a way we’ve all experienced it before. Or we’re still to. Every seeker eventually reaches a place where she has walked so far away from the prescribed path, that life has no choice but to hit her into submission.

In Richard’s case that warning came as a guitar smack. For some it’s a breakup from an unbelieving partner, a funding cut, or the wrong sentence from those you thought had your back. Whatever form your smack takes, remember that every ecosystem seeks to preserve itself.

Families want to preserve their identity, systems want to be systems, and the usual way doesn’t tolerate questions. It’s not you…

In an ideal world, this is the part where I’d tell you what to do. But life isn’t ideal. And you’d agree that no amount of bringing the horse to the river will make it drink. So let me tell you what the young Richard Bona did.

He cried.

Got up.

And continued.

They say the best time to get back in water after a shark attack is right after. So right after life’s attempt to stop him, he continued playing.

His father never hit him again; Nothing ever stopped him again.

The darkest moment of the night is that closest to the day.

Keep going friend.

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